Nothing But Voice (Signed Copy)


Jan Muck parlayed getting out of the house one evening a week as a young mother into directing prize-winning, globe-­trotting ensembles. Along the way she made mistakes and found ­mentors who taught her how to correct them and eventually to excel, not only as a choral director but also as a real leader who could inspire remarkable performances from the people she directed. Throughout, her enthusiasm, joy, and love for the people and the music inspired her choruses to thrill their audiences and win standing ovations time after time after time.

In Nothing But Voice, Jan Touring Muck tells her story engagingly, with warmth and enthusiasm, capturing the energy that has animated her throughout her career. Come meet her friends, mentors, and protégées with whom she has shared the joys and sorrows—mostly joys—of her remarkable career.

Book: Nothing But Voice

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Jan Muck